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The World From The Birthing Sea

(2290) words

Raindrops fell from the tempestuous sky as another shallow breath escaped my lungs, seeping into the bitter air of early evening. The tree - beside which I found myself rested - offered but the merest whisper of pity to my frozen solitude... Read more


(5493) words

Abraham pulled his coat tightly around his chest and squinted into the darkness as the fierce wind bit savagely at his hands and face. With little moonlight breaking through the tree cover it was hard to tell if he was still on the path o... Read more

Hold The Gates

(1705) words

"Ten minutes!" came the shout from above. The man turned and faced the people scurrying around below his ladder. "Ten minutes!" he shouted again. Read more

They Come From The Horizon

(4556) words

The alarm on my watch sounds to tell me the next lot will be arriving in thirty minutes--the last of the day thankfully. I'm mostly finished out here as it is, so I start making my way back. The glare of the distant sun burns my eyes as I walk and... Read more

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