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Electronic Learning Blueprint

The Electronic Learning Blueprint (ELBP) is a block I developed for Bedford College for use on our Moodle sites.

It is a feature-packed Personal/Individual Learning Plan, which comes with lots of built in plugins (Attendance, Targets, Tutorials, Registers, Timetable, etc...) as well as the ability to create your own custom plugins with no programming required.


The PLP is feature-rich and allows you to customise almost every aspect of it, so that you can implement it in a way which works best for your institution.

Some of these features include:

    • 10 Built-in plugins

        • Attendance & Punctuality

        • Register

        • Targets

        • Tutorials

        • Comments

        • Course Reports

        • Attachments

        • Challenges

        • Learning Styles

        • Additional Support

    • 3 Extra plugins which come packaged with the PLP

        • Timetable

        • BKSB Live

        • BKSB

    • 4 Additional plugins when you use our Grade Tracker block

        • Grade Tracker

        • Prior Learning

        • Aspirational/Target Grades

        • Assessment Calendar

    • Customise - Build your own custom plugins from 5 available types

        • Single Reports - Static forms. One per student.

        • Incremental Reports - A table of information, entered row by row.

        • Multiple Reports - Create multiple instances of the same report, with different values.

        • Internal DB - A read-only report, drawing data out of your Moodle database, as defined by an SQL query

        • External DB - A read-only report, drawing data out of an external database, as defined by an SQL query

    • MIS Integration - Display data direct from your MIS/SIS system. Supports the following data sources:

        • MySQL

        • SQL Server

        • PostgreSQL

        • Oracle

        • Firebird

        • Microsoft Access

        • SQLite

    • Email Alerts - Set up custom alerts to suit your particular needs, based on PLP events, against whole courses, course groups or individual students.

    • Report - See overview reports and build up your own custom reports which can be exported to Excel or saved into the system for later comparisons. (Requires the bc_dashboard block)

For more information please see our project website.

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