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Grade Tracker 2

Following the success of the Bedford College Gradetracker and roll out to numerous other colleges around the country, it was decided that a re-write of the codebase was required, to take into account issues that had arisen with the current system and to also the wide range of qualification families that need to be supported.

As such, this project is a brand new Moodle block, re-writing all of the existing Gradetracker code to bring it more inline with the MVC style of the ELBP block, to address any problems or requests still outstanding with the current system, and to allow for much more customisation and flexibility, such as the ability to create your own qualification families, defining the set of features and rules which should be applied to it.

I am the lead developer on this project and am currently working on this as my main project, which will then be spread out to the rest of the development team once the core of the system is complete.

It is the hope that this new system will be easier for every level of user to use (students, teachers and Moodle administrators); that it will allow other institutions to customise and develop their own qualifications, which they will then be able to share with the Grade Tracker community; and that any future developments of the system are made easier by the extensible nature of the new system and no longer having a need to duplicate any code across different qualification family plugins.

We hope to roll the new system out to Bedford College in early 2016, with a community release around Summer 2016.

If you would like any further information about this project, you can either contact me through this website, or you can contact the Project Director (contact information on the current Gradetracker website).

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