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Fantasy Name Generators


This is a basic fantasy name generator which i'm working on, to help me name locations in my own projects.

At the moment there are only 3 generators:

Fantasy Land - This generates a name for a world/continent/landRead more

Grade Tracker 2

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Following the success of the Bedford College Gradetracker and roll out to numerous other colleges around the country, it was decided that a re-write of the codebase was required, to take into account issues that had arisen with the current sy... Read more

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Electronic Learning Blueprint

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The Electronic Learning Blueprint (ELBP) is a block I developed for Bedford College for use on our Moodle sites.

It is a feature-packed Personal/Individual Learning Plan, which comes with lots of built in plugins (Attendance, Targets,... Read more

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Duck Fusion

Duck Fusion is project currently in development.

It is a light-weight PHP framework, with its own custom templating engine built in.

It will be used to power all of the Duck Fusion branded projects, and will also be release... Read more

Moodle Quick Searches

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These are two Quick Search blocks for Moodle 2.4+


Quick User Search

This allows you to search quickly for a user in your system, without having to go through the Site Adm... Read more

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The Reborn

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Note: This project is no longer run by me. After 2 years of running it, I handed it over to someone else.

The Reborn is a text-based MMORPG which is played in your web browser. It is set in a fantasy setting and boasts 16 skills, 600+ items... Read more

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